What To Expect From A tantra School

Tantra School is an exclusive spiritual institution devoted entirely to the true tantric philosophies of the ancient Indian tantra. It was founded in Delhi, India in the year ca. 1989 with the aim of uniting all strands of thought under one vehicle – Tantra. People from all over the world who are sincerely interested in exploring the path of Tantra can join this unique institution to learn the basic principles of Tantra and to master the techniques of Tantra meditation. Source – embodiedawakeningacademy.com

Turn Your Tantra School Into A High Performing Machine

Tantra School has a rich curriculum which it teaches to its pupils in order to help them achieve true tantra power. The first step that students must undertake in order to reach tantra power is to master the art of meditation. Mastering the art of meditation is an essential part of the process of learning tantra. Meditative power can be developed through conscious concentration on the tantra deity, while at the same time the power of penetration – the method of reaching tantra – must be mastered through the use of certain tantra techniques. A thorough understanding of these two important aspects is necessary for the individual to learn tantra. As a result, all aspiring students who wish to become full time tantra students should undergo a course of advanced tantra training under a tantra master.

However, learning about tantra does not stop at the level of study. In fact, mastering the true tantra power lies in being able to harness and transform the true energy of love between a student and a teacher. This can only be achieved when both parties accept and respect each other and their mutual love for each other is fully expressed and fulfilled. This can only happen if both parties dedicate themselves completely to their cause. By doing this, the secrets of tantra power will slowly start to unfold.


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