Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes Auckland – Betta Property, that designs and constructs environmentally friendly and sustainable residential dwellings. The company believes that each resident of the community should have a sense of responsibility for his or her environment. Healthy Homes is one of the leading residential design companies in New Zealand, with a reputation for its award-winning designs and commitment to building sustainable homes. The company has a strong history of developing bespoke sustainable homes and landscape spaces, with a proven track record in sustainable housing development and successful real estate investments.

Proof That Healthy Homes Auckland Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

Healthy Homes Auckland offers a range of fully integrated home styles and designs from the traditional rural home to the urban lifestyle home, suitable for owners with an interest in both style and environmental friendliness. The company works closely with architects and designers who are committed to building green, healthy communities that promote social well being. Healthy Homes designs aim to minimize the negative impact of home design on the natural environment, while creating a balance between practicality and attractiveness. For example, the company will often collaborate with outside organisations to design sustainable building components, including energy efficient appliances and solar panels to provide a more sustainable living experience. The design of each home will be influenced by the natural environment and surrounding landscapes, as well as the existing streetscape. This ensures that each home is unique, offering a clear sense of identity and place.

With Healthy Homes, homeowners can choose to design their home to fit into the surrounding area, with or without green initiatives incorporated. Healthy Homes values the importance of sustainable design and building practices, believing that everyone deserves a clean, green, healthy home. With a full range of fully insulated, ventilated and moisture resistant homes, you can create a home that is easy to maintain and comfortable to live in. In addition to the Healthy product portfolio, Healthy Homes Auckland website offers green upgrades for existing homes in their portfolio that offer a range of green solutions to improve your home’s sustainability.


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